SafeCloud article accepted at an international core A conference

The article entitled “A Practical Framework for Privacy-Preserving NoSQL Databases” was accepted at the 36th IEEE International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS 2017), an international conference classified with A by the well-know CORE ranking.

The accepted article addresses privacy in cloud infrastructures. Namely, it solves pressing privacy challenges in the cloud and addresses existing limitations of current secure database solutions by proposing SafeNoSQL, a generic framework for NoSQL databases. The framework provides a modular and extensible architecture that offers configurable security and performance for applications with different requirements.
This article was written by Ricardo Macedo, an INESC TEC master’s student, in co-authorship with João Paulo, INESC TEC postdoc, Rogério Pontes, Bernardo Portela, Tiago Oliveira, INESC TEC doctoral students, Rui Oliveira, EEUM professor and Administrator of INESC TEC, and Miguel Matos, researcher at INESC-id.
SRDS is a renowned international conference in the area of Reliable Distributed Systems whose next edition will occur in Hong Kong, China, September 26-29.