Securing Electronic Health Records in the Cloud

TitleSecuring Electronic Health Records in the Cloud
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMatos DR, Pardal ML, Adão P, Silva ARito, Correia M
Conference NameW-P2DS Workshop, co-located with EuroSys
Date PublishedApril, 2018
Conference LocationPorto, Portugal

Health care institutions gather and store sensitive information from patients with the goal of providing the best care. The medical history of a patient is essential to guarantee that the right diagnosis is achieved and help the clinical staff act in the shortest time possible. This information is highly sensitive and must be kept private for the responsible staff only. At the same time, the medical records should be accessible by any health care institution to ensure that a patient can be attended anywhere. To guarantee data availability, health care institutions rely on data repositories accessible through the internet. This exposes a threat since patient data can be accessed by unauthorized personnel. It is also extremely difficult to manage access to data using standard access control mechanisms due to the vast amount of users, groups and patients and the constant adjustment in privileges that must be done to maintain confidentiality.
This paper proposes a solution to the difficulty that is managing user access control to a complex universe of user data and guarantee confidentiality while using cloud computing services to store medical records.