Secure Storage and Processing of Healthcare Data in the Cloud

Healthcare is an especially demanding market regarding secure processing, storage and communication of personal data.

Maxdata, the leading supplier of software for healthcare institutions in Portugal, is using SafeCloud's Secure Database Server and Secure Multi-cloud Database Server to protect patient data in its software CLINIdATA®. With SafeCloud’s solutions, CLINIdATA® offers the option of storing large datasets in public cloud services with high availability while meeting the standards of the healthcare market, including GDPR compliance. Data remains encrypted at rest, being protected from both outside attackers and ill-intentioned database administrators, and is decrypted only when requested by authorized users.

An important challenge for healthcare providers today is to be able to analyse patient data to inform organisational policies and accelerate medical research. Analysis of patient data must respect the same confidentiality standards and legal restrictions. Maxdata is using SafeCloud's Secure Multi-cloud Application Server to offer an analytics solution that computes statistics on patient data securely, ensuring patient anonymity.

Nuno Lages & Paulo Sousa, Maxdata Software