SafeCloud Platform Components

SafeCloud has developed reusable components for building cloud solutions with great security. Click on the technology names below to learn more.

Secure communication
Component: Vulnerability-tolerant channels Protected channels Route-aware channels
Gives: Tolerance to vulnerabilities in components Decreased risk of fake certificates; resistance to port scans and enumeration of network infrastructure Improved confidentiality with warnings about route hijacking and making harder access to communication
API: Extended secure socket API Extended secure socket API Extended secure socket API
Secure storage
Component: Secure block storage Secure data archive Secure file system
Gives: Block storage on individual data centers with fine control over data placement Entangled immutable data storage for protection against tampering and censorship Distributed secure file storage leveraging the secure block storage
API: Key/value REST (S3 or similar) POSIX-like
Secure queries
Component: Secure database server Secure multi-cloud database server Secure multi-cloud application server
Gives: Privacy of data against the server Privacy of data against non-colluding servers Privacy of data against non-colluding servers and clients