SafeCloud Products and Solutions

The components developed by the SafeCloud consortium are integrated in the following solutions and products:

Cloud&Heat Logo Since founded as AoTerra back in 2011 the primary focus of Cloud&Heat is to integrate energy efficiency with state of the art safe cloud computing and storage services. Cloud&Heat (C&H) has developed two use cases in the context of the SafeCloud project that represent two product pilots of the company. Both pilots are storage solutions backed by the Ceph distributed storage software. They are described in detail in D5.5. There C&H shows that SafeCloud technology can be fully integrated into C&H products. The SafeCloudBox product relies on the SafeCloud File System (SafeCloudFS, SS3) to provide customers with a secure and fault-tolerant data storage solution. The CloudBlockStorage product extends C&H's block storage cloud offer with inter-datacenter security by using the SafeCloud Private Communication Middleware (SC2).
CLINIdATA Logo Maxdata develops and commercializes the CLINIdATA® healthcare software line of products. These products are used to manage clinical laboratories and store results of clinical tests, among other personal data. Since 1978, this software has been delivered to customers by installing it on their premises. This approach has allowed Maxdata to conquer most of the Portuguese market – currently it is present in more than 80% of national public hospitals – but now the company wants to sell CLINIdATA® abroad and one of the ways is to deploy it on the cloud and sell it as a service (SaaS).

However, when moving to the cloud, additional mechanisms are needed to ensure an adequate protection of personal data given that a single breach may destroy company credibility. In the case of CLINIdATA®, as in many other information systems, one component is of paramount importance: the relational database management system (DBMS). SafeCloud provides Maxdata DBMS-like Secure Queries Solutions able to guarantee the classic ACID properties, with an SQL interface, and, at the same time, protect personal data from potential adversaries such as cloud providers, hackers and unauthorized government agencies.

Cybernetica Logo Cybernetica is a R&D intensive technology company that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions as well as maritime surveillance and radio communications systems. It also investigates and applies theoretical and practical security solutions. Cybernetica is integrating SafeCloud technologies into its service and product offerings.
Cybernetica is the developer of the Sharemind privacy-preserving analytics platform, the foundation for the multi-cloud secure querying solution in SafeCloud.
SafeCloud Technologies Logo SafeCloud Technologies Sàrl is a Swiss start-up created to commercially exploit key results of the SafeCloud project. It is a spinoff of INESC TEC and the University of Neuchâtel and leverages more than 10 years of experience in database technology, cloud computing and privacy preserving technologies. SafeCloud Technologies aims at providing the next generation of secure and highly configurable data platform systems. Technology development at SafeCloud Technologies is driven by the certainty that, with respect to data privacy, it is not possible to build a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, it is possible to build software that is easily adaptable to different requirements and environments.

SafeCloud Technologies’ product line-up ranges from consumer-grade software applications to enterprise-grade secure database systems. With each product, SafeCloud Technologies is able to offer different compromises between functionality, privacy, performance and scalability covering a very wide range of use cases. At the core of each solution the company offers, SafeCloud Technologies leverages its flagship product, SafeCloud Tech DB, a configurable, secure, transactional SQL database based on the SafeCloud secure database server.