Secure block storage

The secure block storage can be viewed as an abstraction of existing storage services to support the two main SafeCloud storage services: the secure data archive and the secure file system. These two services will use secure block storage as a building block and inherit its properties, such as fine-grained control over the placement of data blocks. There are several possible instantiations for this service:

  • Common servers running a web server and exporting a REST API;
  • Key-value stores, such as Cassandra, Dynamo, HBase, Redis, etc.;
  • Commercial cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, etc.;
  • Open cloud storage implementations, e.g., Openstack Swift, Apache CloudStack, and Eucalyptus;
  • Replicated cloud storage services such as DepSky, RACS, and ICStore.